All the people who live in the cold parts of the world understand the need for good winter boots. In these parts of the world where it snows for a good part of the year, quality winter boots are essential for survival.

These boots are not only for comfort, warmth, coziness, fit and fashion but also for traction, waterproofing and dryness of the feet. Without a good pair of boots you won’t be able to survive through such dire climatic conditions and will end up in the home, not able to move. Women can’t afford this kind of immobility so they need to have a couple of different choices in their winter boots. These winter boots aren’t just for survival but also for completing looks fashionably.

The boots trends have seen various transformations over the years which have made them an essential part of every wardrobe due to their versatility. This year is no different as we witness some amazing boots that can make any outfit look amazing.

There is so much variety in boots nowadays that it is difficult to choose the best ones for your needs and style preferences. From Biker boots to black platform boots, from ankle booties to knee high ones, from combat boots to heeled boots, the choices are many but we don’t want to overwhelm you, in fact I want to make it easy for you to choose the best ones for you this winter.

Women’s Winter Boots- The Best Ones This Winter

If you’re planning to build your boot capsule collection then you first need to tick off some essentials as these iterations will work with a lot of outfit choices in your winter closet. You also need to pay heed to your winter dress preferences in order to make everything work well with each other. With that in mind, let me show you some great options in boots that will work with most of your winter outfit choices.

1.Platform Boots

You may write off these boots as not comfortable, not for the faint-hearted, very restricted in terms of styling and a bit over the top but trust me, the winter of 22/23 is all about challenging yourself and channeling the golden era of fashion-90s! Platform boots not only add a few extra inches to your stature but also give you confidence, model-like gait and boss-lady vibe that is palpable to everyone.

You can opt for the classic black platform boots in ankle style or under the knee style. These can be worn with long coats and mini dresses, jeans, skirts and midi length outfits as well. But if you are a true fashion diva, I suggest going for the color of the season which is bright pink.

2.Biker Boots

Not only are biker shorts inn but also the biker boots have made waves in the fashion world. Biker boots have been a runway staple but now they have paved their way to the closets of women of all ages and all fields of life.

If you are looking for boots that will be your go-to whenever you are stepping out of the house then biker boots are your answer, they are super cool, trendy, not-very-common yet comfortable, warm and provide a solid traction. You can dress them up with almost all the clothes, be it daily wear dresses like jeans, skirts, shorts or pants or semi-formal attire like skirts, dresses and slip dresses. But my favorite way to rock biker boots is with a leather jacket and mini skirt.

3.Combat Boots

If you're looking for a style of boots that are more on the practical side but still doesn’t compromise a lot on style then combat boots are the perfect choice for you. Initially designed for the army people, these boots have now left a mark on everyone due to their sturdy exterior, warm interior and overall cool vibe.

If you have an old pair of these boots, you can resurrect them by polishing them and if needed, changing their laces. Wear these boots with your jeans and tee, cardigans, rib knits even with your athleisure for an absolutely comfy and cool look.

4.Block Heel Boots

Block heeled boots tick all the boxes that a boot should tick off- they provide height, comfort, warmth, grip, easy pull on and take off and allows you to walk in them all day long without feeling tired.

The block heeled boots are perfect for your evening time head outs as they can be worn perfectly well with dresses and semi-formal attire and may even with formal outfits. Wearing them with mini or midi dresses for the ultimate fashion forward look.

Ending Paragraph

Although the options in boots are endless now and you may disagree with my list, if you have 4 of these boots, you will have a diverse range of options to go through all winter and trust me, you won’t need any other shoes for the next 3-4 months.