If you go through any fashion show, magazine or your social media account on any given day, you’ll surely notice any style of platform pumps worn by your favorite celebrity or fashion icon, which is surely grabbing your attention.

These are the dreamy designer heels that have dominated the runway. From Versace’s Medusa Aevitas platform pumps to Valentino’s Garavani Tan-Go platform pumps, they’ve made a great comeback into the fashion world and also in our hearts too.

They can compliment any dress style, they are sexy, fun and give anyone a major boost in their confidence of carrying their look elegantly. Nude high heels are a perfect pair of shoes which can go with any outfit and can be part of any casual to formal event.

Platform pumps are a type of high heeled shoes for women that not just have high heels that are thin or pencil formed but are thick and big, supported by a high thick flat front making the toes placed more comfortably inside them.

They even help the women with small height, ensuring them to look more beautiful and carry their look better. The angle of the foot and the strain on it is less when a platform shoe is worn than when you just wear a heel with no support at front.

Their obvious thick sole usually in the range of 3-10 cm is much more comfortable and looks more appealing than regular shoes or heels. Pointed toe pumps and nude high heels are both great examples of platform shoes that can give you an exquisite look.

There are various styles and combinations with which we can wear these shoes of the decade and create an appearance that can rock your style. We can help you style them with perfection without shelling out thousands of bucks and still look beautiful and main attention of any occasion.

1-Experiment with colors

Picking some different colors that can make your look bold and beautiful would definitely be a game changer for you. By experimenting with some bold colors, you can create an unusual and chic statement. You can achieve this look by either contrast nicely with your dress as well as completely mismatch them too.

Try colors like red, neons, gold, silvers or even soft pinks or blues which can be pretty appealing. Colors can give an oomph to any of your look without putting a lot of effort in it. These bold color shoes highlight your personality and create a signature look elegantly.

2-Wear some funky dress with leather jacket

If you want to have a rocker/grunge look specially which biker’s girls adopt, you can pair your outfit with some leather, which can be your jacket and your shoes too. These high platform boots are comfortable, sporty and make you feel more girly.

Make sure your dress is a little high from your knees to flaunt your legs and shoes both, nicely. Your silver rings in your fingers and black aviators along with a cap can make killing looks, one can’t ignore. Don’t be astonished by the whistles and wow people saying around you.

3-Skinny jeans and crop top

Skinny jeans or slim fits is a part of every woman’s wardrobe, and they can be worn casually and sometimes for some semi-formal parties too depending on the top you select along with the choice of accessories you wear.

A pair of dark colored jeans and a plain crop top with some lace or embellishment or some scallops at the bottom or peplum tops, all can get more flare with some high heel platform pumps, especially if you select some bold colors and receive all that you deserve. Your chain anklets with some red lipstick and a nice bag can complete your look.

4-Neutral colored platform wedges

If you are someone who wants to remain simple yet looking elegant and impressive, you must’ve some neutral colored platform wedges that can uplift your posture with the heels but colors like white, black or tan can make you look subtle and appealing. Nude high heels can be complemented by any outfit even if it’s in some bright tricky colors like orange or neon.

5-Ripped jeans, t-shirt and your platform sneakers

Almost everyone has a pair of platform sneakers, ripped jeans and a t-shirt to wear especially in summers. Our platform sneakers are too cute and maybe we have purchased them just because of it.

They’re super comfortable and good to go with almost every ensemble but the best look is mostly casual. It keeps you feeling light and you can wear them for shopping, going to some friends place or just for a simple walk too.

Wrapping up

Platform shoes were a hot favorite of disco-goers in the 70’s, but are still rocking the glamor world with more trendy designs, raised heels and high platforms. They’re iconic, awesome and comfortable from toe to heel. Enjoy some of the above styling ideas which you’ll love and admire for sure.